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How to use the flange and how to connect it


Nowadays, many people will come into contact with the flange, but they dont know what kind of thing the flange is. The flange is everywhere in peoples lives. Lets take a closer look at how to use the flange and how to connect it. the way.

What are the performance factors that affect large flanges?


In the production of large flanges, there are many factors affecting the performance of large flanges. Below we say several common factors, the first is the annealing temperature (the annealing temperature is the temperature parameter when the primer and the template are combined, when 50% of the primers are The temperature at which the complementary sequence is expressed as a double-stranded DNA molecule is an important factor affecting the specificity of the PCR

Stainless steel flange mounting and quality features


Stainless steel flanges (flange) are also called stainless steel flanges or flanges. It is a part in which the pipe and the pipe are connected to each other. Connected to the pipe end.

What are the common faults of flanges?


In the continuous production of modern industry, the flange is inevitably leaked due to the influence of medium corrosion, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors.

Introduction to flange connection


Flange connection is to fix two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment on a flange, and between the two flanges, with flange pads, bolted together to complete the connection.